Restorative Dentistry with Bioclear

Our cutting-edge restorative dental procedure using the Bioclear method creates healthier smiles with long-lasting results. We can close gaps in your smile, restore chipped, thinning, and worn teeth, fix cracks and fractures without crowns, minimize sensitivity, and correct uneven, undersized, or discolored teeth. Schedule your same-day smile makeover now!

  • Closes gaps in your smile like black triangles and diastema
  • Restores chipped, thinning, and worn teeth
  • Fixes cracks and fractures without crowns
  • Minimizes sensitivity from root abrasions and gingival recessions
  • Corrects uneven, undersized, and discolored teeth

Benefits of Bioclear Restorations

Bioclear is a better alternative to traditional dental treatments like crowns and porcelain veneers because it leaves your teeth feeling fuller, stronger, and healthier for longer.

Less Invasive

With minimal alterations and reduction from the Bioclear treatment, you’re able to keep more of your natural tooth structure.

Longer Lasting

Bioclear restorations are easier to clean and maintain, making your smile better suited for long-term durability.

More Natural Smile

With a consistent, satiny finish, Bioclear injection molding is more patient preferred than traditional smile designs.

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Why Our Patients Love Bioclear

Our clients say the special Bioclear composite makes it feel like the sturdiest, smoothest tooth in their mouth.

I had a dark, discolored patch on one of my front teeth, and really wanted to have it fixed. Dr. Pratt filled me in on my options. I could have a crown, or a veneer, or dental bonding. We chose the bonding route. I love the result! The color of the tooth matches my other “smile teeth” perfectly, and it looks completely natural. Thanks Dr. Pratt!

-Tom L.

Dr. Pratt did a new innovative procedure on my tooth that I was having problems with. The entire procedure was painless and a lifesaver for me. I have experienced no sensitivity issues or problems since having it done. Another benefit of the procedure was the cost of having it done. I would definitely recommend this procedure. Thank you Dr. Pratt and staff, I appreciate you all!!!

-Brian J.

The procedure itself takes roughly two hours. Since I hadn’t had dental work done since I was a child it was a little intense, however I would go through the procedure again because I was able to keep my natural tooth. Dr. Pratt did an excellent job!

-Julie S.

How the Bioclear Method Works

For both anterior and posterior composites, this modern approach to restorative dentistry follows five main steps.



Our certified Bioclear dentist will take x-rays and pictures to help address your concerns and needs.


Discuss Treatment

With the information from your evaluation, we develop a custom treatment plan just for you!


Teeth Preparation

Using Bioclear matrices, we can get a better fit on your teeth to better achieve your smile goals.


Material Placement

We heat the material prior to placement so there’s less microleakage and stress to your teeth.


Final Touches

The final product is contoured, checked for bite, and given a high-gloss polish for a mirror-smooth finish.

Our Bioclear Treatment Options

Transform your entire smile or a single tooth in just a few hours with one of our many Bioclear dental treatments.

Black Triangle Closure

Close the negative, black space between teeth caused by bone loss, recession of the gum line, or teeth movement and rejuvenate your smile to its youthful appearance.

Root Overlay

Securely cover the area of recession caused by decay and fractures and minimize sensitivity of root surfaces better than traditional bonding methods, crowns, and root canals.

Diastema Closure

Close the open space between two teeth for a gap-free, symmetrical smile that doesn’t attract food or extreme tarter build-up.


Cover an entire tooth to prevent fractures in weak and cracked teeth or restores the appearance of uneven smiles and undersized or discolored teeth.

Affordable Restorative Dentistry in North Platte

Porcelain veneers and dental crowns can potentially be double the cost of Bioclear. While most major insurance providers don’t cover Bioclear, we work to make your picture-perfect smile less expensive than the alternatives.

We collect half the payment when you schedule your appointment and half on the day of your procedure, or you can work with our third-party lender for additional financing options.

Dr. Pratt

Meet Nebraska’s Certified Bioclear Dentist

About Thomas Pratt, DDS
Dr. Pratt completed his doctorate in dentistry at University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Dentistry in 2008 and went on to open his private practice in North Platte two years later.

With over 13 years of experience, Dr. Pratt provides the best dental services to his community. He’s always on top of the latest restorative dental techniques and alternatives to veneers and crowns.

In March 2023, Dr. Pratt became a Bioclear certified dentist after finishing his core anterior and core posterior courses. He is the first certified Bioclear dentist in Nebraska.

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What should I expect on the day of my dental procedure?
On the day of your Bioclear dental treatment, you should arrive to our office about 15 minutes before your appointment. We’ll ask you to check in and submit the remainder of your payment. Then, our skilled dental team will guide you through the procedure. After we’ve successfully restored your smile, you’ll receive personalized post-op instructions and a care bag with non-abrasive dental supplies for your smooth recovery. Before you leave, we’ll schedule your two-week follow-up.
How long does the Bioclear procedure typically take?
Depending on the number of teeth we’re restoring, your comfort, and the type of treatment, a Bioclear dental procedure typically takes between an hour and a half and four hours. Unlike crowns and veneers, your smile is restored in just one day.
How long does Bioclear last on teeth?

By using a technique that balances the material strength with your natural tooth, Bioclear has long-term potential ranging from 5 to 25 years according to the Bioclear Clinic.

Is Bioclear better than veneers?
Yes, Bioclear is a better option than veneers because it’s more conservative, durable, and (at times) affordable. Bioclear preserves more of your natural tooth structure and uses a composite resin that can be repaired rather than replaced if chipped (unlike porcelain).
What's the difference between Bioclear and traditional fillings?
Bioclear and traditional fillings are different dental restoration methods. Traditional fillings use silver or tooth-colored materials to repair damaged teeth, while the Bioclear method uses a special composite resin. The Bioclear preparation technique also is stronger and has better longevity.

Have more questions about the Bioclear method? Visit Bioclear for more information.

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Whether you need complete dental restoration or a single tooth reconstruction, our Bioclear-certified clinic is here to transform your entire smile. To learn more about our Bioclear method, get in touch with our dental professionals today!